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GEN 103 Week 1 Discussion 1

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❶How does online learning work?

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This application is packed with a lot of features as well: Which of the following would best describe the relationship between the three learning domains of human development? Which of the following is a benefit of planting a school garden with students? Which of the following tasks has the greatest potential to decrease the competence of a child?

Which of the following themes is most important to develop when implementing TPSR? Proximodistal development means that the first part of the body to develop is the. Which of the following is considered to be the first major milestone of motor development?

Children develop based upon cephalocaudal direction, which means that the first body part an infant can control is the. What is the key determinant in establishing the status of a physical education program within a. Which of the following is NOT an example of a gross motor skill? When attempting to grab a large ball, a child realizes that grabbing with one hand is ineffective and so attempts to grab the ball using two hands. This process is known as.

What would be the regulatory conditions using Gentiles multidimensional classification system for the activity of swimming laps in a pool? Place these balancing tasks in the order they should be introduced to children. Martin had his students stand at each side of the basketball court. He instructed that when he blew his whistle once, his students should turn to the right; when he blew his whistle twice, his students should turn to the left.

Martin teaching his students? Which of the following is a characteristic of the associative phase of learning a skill? Which task could potentially be accomplished by a novice learner after one minute lesson of instruction?

Tucked, stretched, and curled are examples of shapes used in bending and stretching. Which of the following sports is least likely to incorporate these nonlocomotor skills? Of the following kicking skills, which one should you focus on teaching first? What are the form and source of feedback for the following example?

Lesson plans should be infused with local, state and national standards in order to support. Skillful feet dribblers differentiate themselves most through their.

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