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writing Othello Coursework

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❶Finally, all Romeo and Juliet courseworks will benefit from a variety of quotations from the play.

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Make sure you have all the necessary resources at your disposal so that you can easily proceed to writing. What you should do next is to make notes of the content you are going to write about attaching particular attention to the important points you are making. Start by stating what you are going to say in your paper. This should be followed by presenting evidence to back up your point.

Add quotations from the text or some other sources and explain in what way these quotes are related to the point you are making. To make your paper more successful present more than one point while explaining your quote.

The conclusion of your assignment can be organized by summing up the points that had been made. Pick out only the key points. Once you are ready with the writing process proofread your paper looking for grammar and spelling mistakes. It is also a good idea to let somebody read your writing for a feedback. Iago begins the discussion through the means of criticizing his wife, Emilia.

This shows that Shakespeare wished to amuse the audience too, as they would find this very entertaining possibly because they could relate to what Iago was saying, as it could be interpreted as a commonly stereotypical comment. Another scene where Iago is entertaining to the audience is in Act Two scene Three, where he pretends to be drunk in order to encourage Casio to drink more and become disorderly; in this scene Shakespeare is really playing to his audience.

This indicates to us that this play, despite its exotic settings, is very relevant to an English Jacobean audience. Also in this scene, Iago is at his best and plays a number of different parts to ensure the success of his plan. The three roles that he plays are: The ancient concerned for the sake of his master, the soldier desperate to maintain the peace of the city and the faithful friend of Cassio. The audience by now would be fully aware that he is really none of these roles, which brings us back to the idea that he is a complete machiavellian.

Throughout the play, Iago uses his powerful language techniques to amuse and persuade the characters in order to get what he wants. During this process, Iago makes a number of powerful soliloquies that reveal his motives and plans. These soliloquies let the audience see the true personality and characteristic traits of the person speaking. This brings a lot of dramatic irony to the play; the audience are fully aware of what has happened or what is about to happen, whilst the other characters remain unaware.

A great example of this in the play, is in act 5 Scene 2. This would be very frustrating for audiences who have been puzzled throughout the play as to what motivates Iago to cause such trouble. His soliliques not only ensure he has a very intimate relationship with the audience, but they are the only dramatic device of the play.

Although there is evidence to prove Iago is not racist, he is just jealous of Othello as he talks about Othello giving Cassio the promotion instead of him. To us, he is the character who keeps the plot alive and full of action. His character was used recently by a critic, Germaine Greer when she compared Shakespearian with current times to emphasise her point. Home Papers Othello coursework. This is just a sample. To get a unique essay Hire Writer.

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Othello coursework Throughout the course of the play “Othello”, Iago is portrayed as the typical sinister villain with no motives for his evil plans, but he also brings many comical aspects to the production.

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If you cannot start writing your Othello courseworks because of some difficulties, you definitely need some help. We will try to present you general ideas you can use to make a good piece of work. Othello coursework should be interesting and catchy, and it is not very difficult to do. Othello Coursework Expert Help with Othello Coursework The best way to write Othello coursework is to start with some kind of a play writing that involves plot situations and provides them with modern twirl.

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Topic of the coursework; Purpose of the research; Therefore, the above told strategies will help you write a perfect writing Othello coursework, just go through them and see the difference in your marks. The following given guidelines will help you to write an excellent coursework on Othello. Guidelines To Write Othello Coursework. There are some guidelines explaining how and what to focus on writing Othello coursework. For example you select to write your coursework on Act 3 scene 3 of ‘Othello. You can focus the following aspects of the scene.