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❶Students also prepare for industry-recognized certification exams in high-demand fields such as Information Technology, Health Science, and more.

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By answering their questions and talking about age-appropriate science concepts with preschoolers, parents and teachers can spark an interest for science.

Discover the da Vinci in your preschooler with fun and simple art activities! As they get familiar with figures, shapes and objects around them, doodling with crayons and other colors gives preschoolers immense pleasure.

Drawing, coloring, and painting are engaging and entertaining art activities for preschoolers. These activities improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, stimulate their imagination and encourage creativity. It is important to familiarize preschoolers with numbers as early as possible. Math activities for preschoolers are not all about sums and problems. Using everyday objects and examples to explain mathematical concepts to the little ones can work wonders.

Easy preschool math activities are a great way to develop their interest in the subject. Interactive and fun, these math activities will present concepts in an engaging manner, making them simple to grasp and understand. JumpStart Academy Learn how school2home ecosystem can help your learner. JumpStart Academy Bring the Academy products to your classroom. Highest visual quality 3.

The most optimized gaming experience yet! Check out this fun science project idea to measure the amount of vitamin C in ripe, half-ripe, unripe and stored oranges. A fun, life science sxperiment idea idea involving strategies for keeping birds away from crops using a distress call. What kind of distress call works best? To Cheat or Not to Cheat. Free science fair project idea that examines cheating in school-age children.

Project involves a task in which children are tested on various tasks. Free science fair project idea that examines the impact of gravity on a dropped carton of eggs. Design a device to protect the eggs from cracking.

Science fair project idea that measures fuel efficiency in cars. Calculate cost per mile by comparing fuel cost and consumption data.

Science fair project idea examines different techniques for memorization. Analyze results of memory tests to determine which method is most effective. Is Copper the Best Metal Conductor? High school students learn about resistance, resistivity, and if copper is the best metal conductor in this great physics science fair project idea. Learn about the right-hand rule for magnetic force!

This science fair project idea assesses the effect of music on work performance. This science fair project idea demonstrates how our fingers prune when in water. Shedding Light on Energy Efficient Bulbs.

This science fair project idea examines the actual cost of three household light bulbs by testing energy consumption. Are They Really Carriers of Bacteria?

Check out this cool middle school science fair project idea to determine if shopping carts are really carriers of harmful bacteria. Can you Measure it? How is it Done? Read on this high school science fair project idea to get basic information on the process of heat transfer and the conditions under which the transfer occurs. How Does a Microphone Work? Get a cool and easy science fair project idea which helps high school students in understanding concepts behind the working of a microphone.

What is it and How Does it Work? Get a fun high school physics science fair project idea one of the states of matter called plasma and the applications of this unique coil. But first, we have to verify your age!

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Jennifer Wagner, online project guru, talks about how she first got interested in online projects, and shares tips for selecting the best online project for your classroom. Included: Half a dozen links to online project resources.

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Flexible school projects. You know the best way to run your school projects. Biteslide gives you the freedom and flexibility to run the projects you want, the way you want . Buy science project kits for science fair exhibitions, school projects, for making science learning easy and interactive for you kids! Explore intelligent gift ideas for birthdays, awards!! And now download how to make science projects / models guides as well.

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62 School Project Ideas Are you a teacher, parent, or student looking for a creative project idea? You should find this list of 62 project ideas to be a great resource for designing activities and projects. K12 offers students a high-quality education through tuition-free online public schools available in more than 33 states. K12's acclaimed K–8 and high school programs provide an individualized educational experience for students. Take charge of your child’s education with K