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ENGLISH HOMEWORK! Odysseus Information needed!?


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What does this signify? What is the portent? Who knows how to interpret it? How does the portent resemble the earlier portent in Book 2 that is interpreted by Halitherses? Why does Telemachus not want to revist Nestor? How does Pisistratus react to this? What portent does he interpret?

How does Odysseus test Eumaeus? How does Telemachus distinguish Eurymachus among the suitors? Who suggested he do this? Please help even if you only know one. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Because Telemachus is waiting for Athena to give him a pet hamster 2. Because they both depart 3.

Bob does this and it signifys bob the builder 4. Because he hates Nestor and Pisistratus is very cross 6. He is the local handyman and he intrepets cheese 7. He gives him an A level test paper 8. The bit where he moves his heart. He does ip dip doo and John his mate decided he should do this.. The walls of Troy still stand. It is Odysseus who finally figures out how to win the war by coming up with "the Trojan Horse". The Greeks make a great big wooden horse.

They hope, expect, the Trojans will see this as a "sorry for the war" gift as everybody is completely fed up with it. Then the Greeks leave, all the ships sail away. The Trojans take the horse inside the walls of the city and all have a big party and get real drunk etc. But the tricky Greeks tricky Odysseus sail back at night and approach the city. The Trojans are all drunk and asleep so a few Greeks, who had been hiding inside the wooden horse the whole time, sneak out and open the gates and let all the other Greeks in.

All adult males are killed. Women and children are taken as slaves. Helen is returned to Menelaus. Agamemnon gets all the Trojan gold, most of it anyhow. Then, going home, Odysseus gets lost and it takes him another 10 years to find his way home again, so he is gone a total of 20 years. The story is in the book "the Odyssey".

He runs into all kinds of monsters and other weirdness-es on the way back. Most importantly, he got the God of the sea angry with him which is a bad situation when you are lost at sea. Odysseus was very smart and very capable. He was kind of sneaky too, or at least could be when it mattered. He was a pretty tough guy too. Anyhow Athena the Goddess helps him plan their deaths. Finally, the fight happens and Odysseus kills all of them himself.

Then he thinks about it and wonders if this was a good thing to do. Athena appears and says to him "May all that behave as they behaved die as they died! God Herself has spoken. In the Odyssey, Athena refers to Odysseus as thoughtful, clever, extremely civilized, capable, adept at getting his own way, a perfect politician, etc. People today might not think the act of setting up and then killing the suitors as very civilized but the Odyssey does.

Those were harsher times than now. Athena makes it clear, a number of places in the book, that there is no mortal She is more fond of than Odysseus. In the Iliad, a trojan warrior who had been trying to kill Odysseus laments, "But what can I do, the Goddess Athena never leaves his side. That is very well performed.

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