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Human Services Research Basics

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Education, at the earliest levels seems to be the only way to Cultural Competence The definition and basic reason for human services is the need for social cooperation and assistance.

This 7 page paper identifies and discusses a number of issues that are of importance for the worker involved in working for an agency such as The writer discusses some of the major points of their book and points out where The Foster Care System This is a 11 page paper on the current issues which relate to foster care in the United States today.

Programs in foster care have several problems which are financial, health care and system based. They provide everything from baby formula and diapers to maternity clothing, baby clothing, car seats, and cribs to needy families and mothers.

It is a full-service organization in that caseworkers are assigned to clients and can advise them throughout the pregnancy and beyond. PC also has counseling available for young mothers who choose to give their babies up for adoption. They also provide links to further educational information, and will counsel young women if they choose to have an abortion, too. They will not perform the abortion, however.

They also provide ultrasounds for patients. Funding is always a challenge in any community…… [Read More]. Human Services Administrator and the Example of. Then, based on the example you selected, explain how human services organizations can contribute to social change. Finally, given the information presented in this course about human services administration, explain how you personally might influence social change. Human services and social change The human services administrator I selected was named Maurice.

Maurice said he was always very socially-minded, and going into the field of human services administration seemed like a natural extension of his innate altruism. Maurice has worked with special needs adults, adults with substance abuse problems, and children.

Maurice stated that addressing social needs in his profession is a process of addressing the demands of children one child…… [Read More]. Human Services Organization of Interest to You. Then explain one specific purpose for conducting a program evaluation in that organization. Provide one example that illustrates how program evaluation might be utilized for this purpose. Support your response with references to the Learning Resources. Finally, draw a conclusion about the usefulness of program evaluation in assessing human services programs and services Program evaluation is both essential and useful for human services administrators.

An evaluation can show the extent to which your organization or program is achieving its stated objectives and the expected results. Program evaluation is an essential organizational practice used by organizations across the world. Program can be integrated…… [Read More]. How characteristics compare There are many different attributes that human service professionals need to be effective in their profession.

Obviously, there is a certain degree of intelligence and mental acuteness necessary to work in this field. But there are also certain subtleties that these professionals must be cognizant of which can influence their decisions and how they carry out their work.

Human services is a profession in which compassion can actually help people just as much as any formal policy or procedure. As such, it largely appear to me that the three characteristics of a human service professional that should be the most salient are patience, kindness, and understanding. These traits are intrinsically related to one another because they can all produce an empathetic compassion which is an integral part of a job in which the goal is to help people, not simply bureaucratically treat them…… [Read More].

Opportunities to be a resource to help others grow, help organizations succeed and to act as a catalyst for positive change in the life of another abound. Human services professionals make decisions that will change the lives of those individuals they serve. Working with people is both an art and a science.

Success can sometimes be attributed more to "having a hunch" than going solely by the book. There are many instances where professionals must use good judgment to make the right decision. However, "good" and "right" are subjective; difficulty arises when the possible best course of action causes may test the ethical code. In my example, I will provide an analysis and a course of action to resolve ethical conflicts surrounding domestic abuse. Sadly, domestic abuse is a prevalent issue in society.

The issues in the life…… [Read More]. Then provide an example of how the organizations collaborate. Finally, explain how the organizations in the partnership maintain their missions and increase their efficiencies through this partnership. The two organizations that I have chosen are the JCFS and a smaller, more recently established organization called Shalva. They deal in many domestic and extra-domestic issues, such as vocational training, foster care, helping people find jobs, creating groups for adolescents, providing counseling sessions for troubled families, helping immigrants settle in the country, facilitating the lives of disadvantaged families and individuals, and so forth.

Human Services Administrator and the Conflict Situation. Then explain how you, as a human services administrator, might approach conflict in the selected situation to facilitate productivity and creativity.

Social conflict occurs when two or more individuals oppose something within a social interaction. Conflict is part of human nature, and, as such, may be mitigated or managed through a variety of theories and psychological techniques.

Conflict theory, for instance, emphasizes individual interests rather than norms of value: This has given rise to a number of theories -- including economic theories of production and exploitation Marx and the way that groups…… [Read More]. Then explain one benefit and one limitation of engaging in policy advocacy. Be specific and provide examples. One of the most interesting of policy advocacy examples associated with the transcript is the employment barriers issue that has to do with criminal history, where individuals are barred from employment or even fired after many years of service simply because they have a criminal record, and usually one that has little if any impact on the job they are or could be hired to do.

The Michigan Organizing Project adopted this issue as one that required policy advocacy and went local to do so. And were very persistent in talking…… [Read More]. Be specific and use examples to support your explanation. Stakeholder analysis of nonprofit organization: Although the need to demonstrate responsiveness to multiple stakeholder interests is not unique to nonprofit organizations, it can create an incentive for organizations to devote more time and attention to some stakeholders than others" LeRoux Human Services Worker Challenges.

Intentional Interviewing Interviewing a Human Services Worker Interviewing a client to gain a clear picture of a story or an event may be a difficult and complex when conducting an interview. There are a multitude of skills and micro-skills needed to be able to identify the relevant issues, make the interviewee feel comfortable enough to share the needed information, and to correctly perceive and record the key issues.

Interviewing a human services worker may carry an additional layer of complexity because these individuals work with humans who are certainly complex in nature as well as deal with complex situations. This analysis will consider some of the key areas of concern that are present in human service work and well as some of the ethical barriers one might face during an interview. Human Services Work Human services is a broadly defined line of work that focuses on a worker who is…… [Read More].

The Different Jobs in Human Services. Human Services Assistant The main job of human service assistants is to help people overcome very difficult times, or get more support. They give assistance to co-workers, like social workers, and help customers discover community services or benefits Social and Human Service Assistants: Bureau of Labor Statistics. High school diploma or its equivalent. Some employers would rather hire workers with more academic qualifications and experience.

Advancement opportunities are limited without additional education Social and Human Service Assistants: Works with the section of the population that is either suffering or in need of additional support Social and Human Services Assistants: The job of a social service…… [Read More]. Nature Purpose Human Services Practice Functions and History of Human Service Professionals On a fundamental level, the overarching goal of human service workers is to serve their clients.

It is widely acknowledged within this profession that there are a variety of client types who have a plethora of issues that human workers assist in solving. To that end, the primary goal of human service employees has been succinctly summarized within the preamble of the "Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals," which unequivocally states that "Human services is a profession developing in response to and in anticipation of the direction of human needs and human problems in the late twentieth century" No author, no date, p.

Therefore, the goal of this profession is to ideally solve problems that plague individuals and groups of people in the latter stages of the twentieth century and in the beginning stages of the 21st…… [Read More]. Relevance to Human Service Practice According to. In the two cases the human services have privileged the notion of confidentiality over the more fundamental right of privacy.

They argue there is a persistent confusion between these two concepts and that privacy is an important but neglected ethical concept within human services.

The two cases are examples of breach of confidentiality and privacy and implications. Following her accident, Sara was liable to compensation from her insurer in accordance to the New South Wales road accident compensation scheme.

Motor accident compensation…… [Read More]. Developing Partnerships in Human Services Organizations. In human services organizations, developing partnerships is paramount because of the benefits associated with working with other organizations. For example, with the collaboration between New Harbor Community and the business community, the input to the center is more powerful and with long-term efforts.

Moreover, such partnerships guarantee long-term commitment because mission completion is well defined and shared. Therefore, it is a strategy for of overcoming problems like fragmenting the needs of their clients into distinct categories, which ignore interrelated causes and solutions in some cases.

Lastly, the partnerships ensure that the clients receive as many services as possible thereby enhancing their accessibility and reliability within short periods Hasenfeld, Administrators in such organizations play the role of enhancing efficiency during the establishment of partnerships.

Moreover, their dynamism is evident…… [Read More]. Ethical Abuses in Human Services. This is dangerous for both clients and workers. When this becomes an issue in the human service field is when an organization is charged with a client that cannot be left alone.

At this point in time, certain managers may desire to force employees to stay on the clock or to work while off the clock, but making such workplace violations can lead to an unsafe environment in which both client and worker are at risk.

In addition, safety and OSHA workplace violation are an ethical problem that put many at risk, especially when one is working in a dangerous or medical field. Thus, workplace violations on the part of both workers and managers can be dangerous for all involved. In conclusion, the field of human services is reserved for those who wish to provide care to others. Although this field is the perfect fit for those who genuinely have…… [Read More].

Large-scale policy changes on human services practice and education holds massive significance on the daily operations of such services, as well as on the broader scale provision of such services within a given community. In understanding and analyzing the basic significance of such policy changes, as well as in understanding the key factors that contribute to these changes, one can better understand the extensive nature of the process, as policy changes not only take time to formulate and implement, but maintain significant impact on the affected area for time to come as the group affected learns to act under these new policy provisions.

As the primary purpose of the human service worker is to assist individuals and communities to function as effectively as possible in the major domains of living, a policy change as simple as increased continued education for human service workers working in child care centers holds significant…… [Read More]. Australian Human Services Child Protective. Although there has been some movement away from the legalistic mode of child protection favored in the s and s, there is still a focus on forensic investigation of child abuse, which does not allow for sufficient between high risk families and low risk families, decreasing the chances that truly at risk children will receive protection, as well as increasing the risk of intervention in functioning families.

Currently, Australia is taking a public health approach to child protective services. The dramatic increase in services to children in danger has come with a very high price tag. Of this expenditure, out-of-home care services accounted for the majority Social policies, in and of themselves, affect individuals at different stages in their lives.

Sociology - Human Services Advocacy Domestic violence and abuse can occur to anyone, in spite of mass, gender, or might, yet the crisis is frequently ignored, exempted, or denied. This is particularly accurate when the abuse is psychological, rather than physical. Emotional abuse is frequently diminished, yet it can leave profound and enduring scars.

Becoming aware of and admitting to the warning signs and symptoms of domestic violence and abuse is the first step to stopping it. No person should live in dread of the person they love Domestic Violence and Abuse, Education is the key to stopping the cycle of domestic violence.

Both the victim and the abuser need to be educated as to what domestic violence is and how it can be stopped. In order for people who suffer from domestic violence to get help they need to first recognize that the behavior that they are enduring…… [Read More].

Historical Eras in Human Services. Eras in Human Services The Industrial evolution created tremendous wealth for certain segments of the population -- but also tremendous poverty. The Settlement Movement, a community-based approach to social welfare which set up neighborhood welfare centers began in London but soon spread to America. It came to embody one approach to social work, one which stressed the need for "a holistic approach to neighborhood improvement and a belief that social change comes through indigenous leaders and organizations" The Settlement Movement,…… [Read More].

History of Human Services. Problems of poverty, hunger, racism, unemployment, and inadequate education were largely left to the start and local levels to be dealt with by private charities and religious organizations. This only changed with the expansion of the federal safety net during the New Deal of the s and the Great Society of the s, although it has been contracting again over the last thirty years.

During the Progressive Era of and into the next decade, civic-minded philanthropists and capitalists often took the lead in dealing with the social and economic problems of urban, industrial America, among them Dr.

Upjohn, founder of Upjohn Pharmaceuticals. The legislation most commonly known as the Affordable Care Act but also referred to as "Obamacare" basically overhauls the existing healthcare statutes and is aimed specifically at reducing the number of Americans who are not covered by health insurance. The Act "…establishes the basic legal protections" that up until now have not be available to…… [Read More].

Department of Health and Human services actually has specific goals but its two overarching objectives can actually be defined as: The first goal is measured by measuring life expectancy and healthy life expectancy. Up to the present moment, the U.. Department seems to be meeting this goal -- or making great strides in meeting it -- in that there seems to be increasing improvement in life expectancy.

Sociology - Human Services Advocacy Domestic violence is a kind of mistreatment. It entails harming someone; typically a spouse or partner, but it can also be a parent, child or other family member.

Domestic violence is a grave trouble. It is a widespread reason for injury. Victims might endure physical damage such as bruises or broken bones. They may undergo depression, anxiety or social isolation. There is no characteristic victim. It occurs amid individuals of all ages and involves those of all amounts of earnings and schooling Domestic Violence, This theory proposes that the adoption, initiation, and preservation of health behaviors must be candidly visualized as…… [Read More].

The book "Effective Helping: Application of helping theories Creating efficiency and effectiveness in the counseling career is a challenge for every counselor since they are required to apply different theories of helping which emphasize on the behavior, attitude, techniques and methods that are used by the counselor. The patient chosen in this case is one that is suffering from inferiority complex. This means…… [Read More].

Sociology -- Human Services Governance and Leadership. Leadership not only provides the direction for governance by promoting a shared understanding but also clarify the roles between the local and national actors Craig, It also encourages interagency collaboration, team working and commitment at all levels of governance obinson et al.

According to ANAO , p. This trust…… [Read More]. Rich History of Human Services. History Of Human Services Human services has a rich and varied history. It begins as far back as the s, in the Colonial Period when the English Colonists were settling America. As more people survived and the Colonies grew, the social problems grew with them. There were more people who had nowhere to go and who did not have enough food to eat. The elderly and disabled were a big part of this population, but there were also many orphans and widows Herzberg, Charity to the poor was seen as being both a Christian duty and a social obligation.

Thus began the first human service organizations in the New World. Unfortunately, many of these…… [Read More]. Additionally, the fact that the training is offered at all levels of the position -- not just entry levels -- and the fact that the training is offered to both employees as well as volunteers, further increases the odds that the individuals will accept the positions in the NFP sector.

Human resource development is the only way to sustained viable programming. That makes training an intrinsic component of strategic management, the very best means to changing the skills, knowledge and attitude of staff" Chehade and Jassemm, Employees in the not-for-profit sector often accept the lower salary in exchange for several other non-financial benefits, like the training opportunities, but also for benefits such as flexibility…… [Read More].

Integration of Human Services Is. Such oversight provides the coordinated and integrated coverage that the taxpayers expect and deserve "Kansas health policy," This is especially the case in managing and coordinating care for the aged and disabled population in the state of Kansas. This is now that is as follows, which now includes these components: Additional managed care options for Kansans in the disabled and aged populations could be put in place but would require policy and RFP development.

This would most likely entail new and up-front funding to implement. Values for Your Work as Human Services. In order to most effectively and successfully carry out these responsible and diverse roles, I am recommended to adhere to a set of values and ethics particularly prescribed for human service professionals.

The values not only make me do the work that I love in the most effective way but it also helps me better help people and avoid conflict. I may, for instance, have my own ideas about how to best help people and in my fervor and ardor commit indiscretions. The values advise me to respect confidentiality of client at all times. They also tell me to place client foremost and to treat him or her with respect…… [Read More]. The federal government serves in this capacity for almost forty million elderly and disabled persons, nine million federal government employees and their dependants, and six million active members of the military and their families.

It finances, in combination with the states, state-run insurance programs for the poor and near-poor children. It runs a health care delivery system intended to serve military veterans. Additionally, the federal government influences the health system by serving as a main locus for collecting health data and the principal source of funding for health services research.

Notably missing is a national health planning task, although various federal agencies track health system characteristics, trends and aspects of performance Public and private sector roles…… [Read More].

Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals. Works Cited Deo, S. Retrieved from Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs: Innovations in Education and Teaching International, Office on Violence Against Women. I feel that because of situations I have been faced with, I can relate to people with a variety of challenges and help emotionally support them through tough times.

Personally, I feel that I have survived by the grace of God. This is interesting to me because I never believed in God until I received therapy for an addiction I am recovering from. It makes me wonder if God only blesses people who are begging for healing, as I was. I guess I was ready to accept a power greater than myself. As a human service provider, I hope that I can help people in some way, otherwise it is not worth it.

I experience more of what I call spiritual awareness every day. I believe that when a person feels he or she is in a safe environment, he can spend more time on personal growth and awareness instead of wasting energy defending himself. Accepting people as a philosophy, I make a conscienscious decision every time I communicate with people to be aware that what I see as a destructive behavior is most likely a mode of survival for them. Being addicted to something is a desperate hunger for wholeness.

I think the process of life is so painful for some people, they opt for suicide. Death is seen as instant spiritual freedom and an end to human suffering.

Emotional growth can be painful and can take a lot of strength. We gain strength from our experiences which makes us stronger for more growth. It is all a process. Sometimes the challenges are so overwhelming, we need the support and strength of someone who has experienced difficulties and believes there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

I do think that many needs not met in childhood can be met later in life. As a young child, he was sent to live with his grandmother because his stepfather was abusive. He felt guilty that he could not be there to protect his mother.

Because of these experiences, he is very protective of his children and is very close to his mother. To protect himself from pain, he refused to become emotionally attached to someone unless he knew her well enough to know she would not abandon him. In my opinion, it would be therapeutic for him to be in a long-term relationship. I would rather refer someone to an agency if I knew of its integrity. Not only is my credibility on the line, but I am not doing a client a favor by giving him or her a referral which may lead to disappointment.

Therefore, we are each allowed to develop a specific skill rather than knowing a little of each area of need. From what I have read about history, people were first concerned about basic survival. Hopefully, by helping people meet basic needs, we can go beyond mere survival.

It seems that people are seeking more meaning in their lives. Marriage and family counselors are more acceptable now than when I was growing up. It used to be that people would be ashamed to admit they were even thinking about counseling, where now I here people almost bragging about it - learning to communicate with your family, if you did not grow up freely expressing your thoughts, feels wonderful.

I plan to learn more about my field before I call myself a specialist. Being able to work with teenagers will probably require me to be a specialist in several fields, including juvenile, domestic violence and chemical dependency.

My goal is to receive a well rounded education. From the creativity and insight of teenagers to the wisdom and insight of senior citizens, my horizons are broadened when I converse with people from different backgrounds. Whether we are advocates, educators, or directors, we are each trained to use our individual talents to create a functional system of human service workers. Permanent birth control now mandated for every woman on the dole!

I admit, sometimes these thoughts cross my mind. But I am also one of these women. What began as my American Dream ended as quickly as it began. My husband was in the Navy.

I thought I would live a life of adventure, see new places, meet new people. In my opinion it is unfair to ask a mother of a baby to go to work and put her baby in a daycare.

I think children should be four or five years of age before put in daycare. Many populations are in need of assistance. Sometimes I envy the women who live in. Sometimes I wonder how many are unhappily trapped in that life. They know they could be one day away from losing their children, their home, everything.

When I think of drastic welfare reform, what scares me is the control someone can have over you when he knows that without him, you have nothing. And about disabled people who live on a few hundred a month. I think opportunities for education should be funded. Without education, many people have no marketable skills to earn an adequate living. If you find a career you love, you will use a lot of energy, but the rewards will keep you motivated.

At the public library, there are many books to give you ideas and help you decide on a career. I found a group of books in the Community College Library issued by the US Department of Labor in which the author suggests listing a few things you would be interested in doing as a career. I also found a set of four books called Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance.

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