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You can work in small conversation schools and make decent money, but you will work long hours under sometimes questionable conditions. It is fun for a while, but not a good long-term teaching career. It makes more sense to put your money that you have to spend anyway on a degree, and move up the state salary schedule.

I would advise all teachers or those in the public sector to go for state schools no Ivy League here! I agree with you Matt, any training is worth IF it gives you rare and demanded skills that can help employers solve their problems. A friend of mine works in the construction sector, where corrosion started to be an issue. People with his profile earn six figures in the US.

People need to understand that old formulas are not working anymore. I was of the same mind for the longest time. I really did not see myself progressing in my field of archaeology as a life career. But then I found a great company to work for that reignited my passion, and offers a 50 percent tution reimbursement.

To jooin the RPA , you have to be a have a graduate degree. So I found a great distance learning program in Archaeology and Heritage Management in Leicester, UK, and am trying to balance full time work and school.

No husband or kids, so it really is the perfect time in my life to do so. I almost went right out of undergrad, with no purpose other than to go, and THAT would have been a waste of money and brain space. Kristina, My son graduated in May with a degree in archaeology and he did not get into grad school on the first try.

I would appreciate any suggestions for what he should do at this point to start his career. He worked in the zooarch lab at school and did a zooarch field school.

This decision was profoundly life changing because it gave me the opportunity to explore a different but related field and it helped me gain licensure so that I can work independently as a private practitioner if I ever want to leave schools.

A grad degree can be a great investment if it allows you other opportunities you might not otherwise have. Nice article I just made my last student loan payment for my MBA today. It cost me 38K and took me 6 years to pay off. If I could have done it all over again I often wonder if I would. Yes, the MBA definitely is losing its luster as well as responsible for putting many students deep in debt before even graduating.

It does hold some merit, but not effective as it once was. Would be better off educating yourself financially and working to obtain true financial freedom.

Unfortunately for most teachers, graduate school is a must if you want to get a raise. Hi Sarah, thank you for your comment. I understand what your analysis of the situation is. They believe that better credentials are the only way to get that raise, but most often it is not true. This does not mean that you should pay any price to get that raise! You will have much less money in your pocket and less time to enjoy with your family and friends for decades!

You cannot argue or talk your way into a raise in the world of education. Salary schedules are created by school districts and state governments. Once you cap out, you cap out. Try and they look at you like you are an idiot and refer you the salary schedule. You want a raise after capping out?

I see what you mean, Sarah, I understand your situation. Not all career situations are the same, though. May be you already came to the conclusion that it is worth in your case, and, of course, I respect and understand that!

Thanks for this timely article. That is exactly my point: I am so happy that it helped you see where the real value is! My degree came after two years of gruelling work and a ton of debt. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Companies which would not even acknowledge receiving my resume before the degree were on campus recruiting regularly. I had three offers for my summer internship, turned them all down flew out to San Fran not knowing a soul in the world there and got a full-time job, a contract writing job and a consulting job for the three months of my vacation.

When you are young you can sleep 4 hours a night. When I left SF to return for my second year of the program, I had a job offer in my pocket. Company sold over night, the executives transferred to the new one, and my offer still stood. The company got sold again to a completely new owner, a month before my graduation in spring and this time my offer was gone.

I called one of the Fortune 50 employers whose internship offer I had turned down the summer before, I called a Swiss university whom I had only corresponded with the previous summer and in a month I had two job offers.

To anyone who thinks I could have done any of these things without the MBA program, I say you are wrong. Did my negotiating skills pay off? Of course… I was more aggressive and gutsy than most. So — as someone who was on both sides of the interview went recruiting later on the MBA degree matters.

With the caveat that it is a quality, prestigious program. The fact that you made it in and hold your own and have the grades to show for it reflects a lot of qualities.

Plus, for some companies, they will not even talk to you or consider you for a senior position, without the degree. No idea what recruiting looks like now, but even after graduation I was headhunted and offered positions no matter how tough the market was. Oh, and my starting salary was more than double what I made before. Got raises and promotions annually afterwards. Recently, as the result of a manager leaving the firm, I have also taken on some of the managerial responsibilities for the group including prioritizing and delegating assignments.

Though I am an excellent team player, in business school I would like to sharpen my managerial skills. I hope to improve my negotiating skills and to gain more experience in getting group members to carry their own weight. At the same time, I do not want to become a tyrant.

To be effective, it is important for a manager to maintain the proper balance of power and compassion. Only in this way, will I be able to lead a team of people to realizing the goals of a firm. Optional Please provide any additional information that you would like to bring to the attention of the Admission Committee.

If you are unable to submit a recommendation from a current employer, please give your reason here. To satisfy my desire for success, I must continue my education. Of the six business schools to which I am applying, the Stern School is my first choice. I am very excited about entering an MBA program that will allow me to focus on my interest in finance as well as provide me with the career possibilities and exposure to resources, such as networks and learning tools, which I do not currently have.

At Stern, I know that my investment of time, energy, and money will be well rewarded. At this point in my life, I believe I have great potential to gain much from a business degree since I have been exposed to the business environment for the past eight and a half years. In addition to its academic program, the Stern community is itself very appealing. The three undergraduate schools that I applied to were Babson, Bentley and Bryant.

Babson College became my first choice as soon as I visited its quaint campus and fell in love with the friendly atmosphere and cultural diversity. From someone coming from a small fishing village in Maine, it was refreshing to be surrounded by family.

Living in New York City has broadened my exposure to include a fast-paced, career-minded atmosphere. The combination of these characteristics at the Stern School will provide me with an excellent learning environment, and I hope to attend Stern for many of the same reasons I selected Babson. For access to free sample successful admissions essays, visit EssayEdge. Used by admissions officers to decide between two or even two hundred candidates with almost identical profiles, the application essay is often the only guide admissions officers have of your ambition, personality, and interests.

As a result, your essay must be unique, captivating, and informative. Try the free online entrance essay course offered by Essay Edge and Cyber Edit. Sample Application and Admissions Essays: Enterprise to Consumer Marketing Words. Gain professionally from the Wharton MBA? Ask only one question. A Complete Career Guide Book. Leadership experience Teach for America Words. Demonstrated Leadership Marketing Words. Demonstrated Leadership Technology Words.

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GMAT plays an important role in the MBA Admission process. It is important that you understand the GMAT Median and Mean score of your target schools.

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