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❶Removing blood from a child on a regular basis can lead to: Take care of important stuff.

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I really need to get this right to pass my course. I am about to cry from frustration. There are some YouTube videos if you search for "drawing blood with vacutainer". Some people like to share how they make things look so easy. I have watched quite a bit of videos from youtube. Most of them are pretty much the same thing as what our teacher have taught us. Though, if anybody had, please, please send me a link. Unfo it is very much a aptitude that you can learn rather than a technique that can be broken down into manageable steps.

When I was at medical school the major reason for failure was lack of confidence - the vein does feel different to muscle and very very different to the tissue surrounding the medial cubital; the easy route which requires no force is to slide past the vessel, to enter the vessel does require a tiny bit more force.

This extra push can often cause those lacking confidence to miss as they are uncertain of the force required. Its a practice and feel thing. There are things that you can check you are doing in the same manner as your instructors; angle of the arm, angle the lower arm is making with the arm, the "attack" of the hypodermic needle, tightness of any tourniquet - but it is all really practice. A few other things - most of our lab learned to take blood on my poor lab partner who was a rugby player of national standard; his median cubital was like a rope.

The point of this story is to make sure you find a willing test subject who has a good vein that most people could find. And finally - talk to your instructors; they will almost certainly understand and be able to help. A tactic I use is to find where the vein splits in two and aim in the middle of that V. This is useful in elderly patients as their veins move and this prevents the needle from sliding alongside the vein. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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Study Phlebotomy Homework 4. Pre-analytical Considerations. Flashcards at ProProfs - test for phle botomy c.

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Jun 25,  · Hello. I am a third year Medical Technology student. In our country, Phlebotomy is almost always done by the MedTechs. You can say that it is a very, very. Phlebotomy Homework Help phlebotomymakes it easy to get the grade you want!Dont waste your time on ace my homework. Ask your question here!What are Chegg Study step-by-step Phlebotomy Handbook 9th Edition Solutions Manuals?.

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