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Undergraduate Honors Theses

❶For research help, check in with your Subject Specialist Librarian. Keep in mind that the Senior Honors Thesis Committee representative will often be from outside your discipline and might not be familiar with some disciplinary jargon or assumed background.

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Once you have a general idea of your subject area, you will need to select a faculty member in your major who is well-versed in the area you plan to study as well as someone you will feel comfortable working closely with for an extended period of time.

You also will need to select a faculty second reader who will also serve on your thesis committee. Before you begin your thesis work, you will need to file the "Approval of a Thesis Proposal Form".

This form, which requires a working title and signatures from your thesis director, second reader, and College Honors Director, indicates to The Honors College that you are beginning your thesis semester and that you are on track to file it at the end of the semester. The form should be filed by the end of the second week of the semester. The Honors College does not specify requirements for length or format of the thesis. These are determined by your discipline and by your thesis committee.

You will, however, present and defend your project at the end of the semester. The standards of scholarship of the discipline apply, and the written portion of the thesis should conform to the style and format of the discipline.

If you encounter questions or concerns that are not addressed on any of these pages, please call the Etscorn Honors Center at for a current schedule of deadlines, forms and further information. Formulating Your Thesis Topic. Writing and Submitting a Thesis Proposal. Guidelines for a Creative Senior Honors Thesis. Preparing for and Scheduling the Thesis Defense. Notification of Thesis Approval. To initiate the process of preparing and submitting a proposal for a Senior Honors Thesis, you should consider contacting the appropriate departmental honors faculty contact.

Your departmental honors faculty contact can also help you to identify a potential Senior Honors Thesis supervising faculty mentor related to your research area of interest. Once you identify an appropriate supervising faculty mentor for your thesis, you can then begin planning for the rest of the thesis process together. A proposal must encompass substantial research effort on work not yet completed. Research that has been completed prior to proposal submission may be included but must be clearly identified with pertinent results presented at a level suitable for evaluation of the proposed work.

Transparency is required regarding work that has been completed versus work that remains to be undertaken. Research conducted before the submission of the thesis proposal should be briefly summarized in the thesis proposal. If the proposed research constitutes a distinct project from the previous work, the summary should be in a stand-alone section of the proposal.

This research may include work conducted at another institution e. It is highly recommended that you meet with your faculty mentor, using the thesis initiation packet see Printable Forms as a guide, to discuss your research plan prior to writing your thesis proposal. You must complete the thesis initiation packet along with your thesis proposal during the second month of your senior year see posted deadlines.

Woodcock Medal, Best Thesis, etc. For more details about the initiation process, please visit the Thesis Initiation Online Form. The proposal must state clearly the objective of the thesis and the method s you will use to accomplish that objective.

Organize your proposal to provide answers to the following questions: What is your topic? Why does this topic merit further study? What is the context for your investigation of this topic in other words, what relevant secondary materials have been published on your topic? How are you going to investigate this topic? How do I submit? Why should I submit? Deadlines For most departments, you must submit the final version of your work to the department for approval before you can graduate with Honors.

For preservation purposes, you need to submit the approved version of your Honors work to the Libraries. Thesis or project file s: For traditional research papers, essays, and articles, please submit a standard PDF file. Please do not scan a printed copy of your work to send to us. Media, dataset, and other types of submissions must conform to the acceptable formats list.

If you are the sole copyright holder of your work, you do not need to submit a permission to quote form. If you have co-authors who are not UF faculty, staff, or graduate students, you will need a signed grant of permissions from them.

Keep copies of your work and the form s that you submit to your department.

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Junior and Senior FSU students can earn Honors in the Major by completing and defending an Honors Thesis in their major. "If I got the chance to spend my life working to help others, I could not be more rewarded." The Honors Program Honors Way, Suite Tallahassee, FL Other important Sites.

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An honors thesis should replicate—on a smaller scale—the appearance of a dissertation or master’s thesis. So, you need to include the “trappings” of a formal piece of academic work. For specific questions on formatting matters, check with your department to see if it has a style guide that you should use. Honors Thesis Rationale All Honors students must complete a thesis in order to fulfill the requirements for graduation with honors. This project is the culmination of your disciplinary study.

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The Honors Thesis is the capstone of a student's curricular experience within the Honors Program. Our two-semester model has produced excellent results and an extremely high completion rate. Learn More. Honors theses are as varied as Butler’s student body. Theses range from original research in the humanities and sciences, to teaching portfolios, to video productions, to performances and creative writing. Visit as many of the links below as you like.